Video For Day 6 of 7 Day Creativity Jumpstart

7 day creativity jumpstart workbookJust a reminder that The 7 Day Creativity Jumpstart is available on Amazon and is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Day 6 looks at making a change! But it often takes something drastic before we are willing to go through those measures. So today we are looking at the possibility that today could be our last day. And if it was would we be happy with it? If not, what should we change to get us to that point. As after all, one day it will and no one can predict that. This does not mean go crazy and mad. It does mean building a future. And that future will only change if you start work today. So to get an idea on where you should start, today’s questions help ou find out what is and isn’t working in your life.

Day 5 Video for 7 day creativity jumpstart

7 day creativity jumpstart workbookJust a reminder that The 7 Day Creativity Jumpstart is available on Amazon and is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Day 5 is about connecting to your creative self. This is not as easy as it sounds. Remember that part in the never ending story where Atreyu has to face the Mirror Gate? When he hears it reflects your true self he scoffs that such a thing can be scary. Aaaa, but wise old Micheal Ende is a brilliant writer for a reason, and he knew just how scary facing your true self is. So much so that most of us find it far easier to take our cues from others as to what we need rather than actually listening to ourselves. Todays workbook questions focus on what your inner creative really wants versus what you think it should want.

Day 4 Video for 7 day creativity jumpstart

7 day creativity jumpstart workbookJust a reminder that The 7 Day Creativity Jumpstart is available on Amazon, free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Day 4 looks at what your inner creative needs, but also tries to examine what they need versus what they want.

As stressed by myself and countless others, if you wait until the prefect time you will never get anything done. My inner writer wants to have a writer’s retreat all the time. In reality I have two children under 3 years of age who need me and most of my time.

And so today looks at what you need but also what you are allowing to block yourself in the name of needing it. And I continue to put into practice what I say to do. If I wait until the perfect time and edit these videos to within an inch of perfection not only will they never come out, but I also need to consider the 80/20 rule. How much time will I have spent (about 80% of it) versus how much extra result? (20 or less).

So here is today’s video in two parts, with more vocal baby!

Day 3 of The 7 Day Creativity JumpStart Course

7 day creativity jumpstart workbookJust a reminder that The 7 Day Creativity Jumpstart is available on Amazon, free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers and free from February 3rd until the 7th, 2016 for everyone.

This video is for day 3 of the course. Day 3 covers how we often allow the idea of perfection (both in terms of final product and in when and how we practice creativity) stop us from either creating or releasing. In today’s video I practice what I preach. The video is put out despite my baby talking to himself in the background and me stumbling around for a bit in the middle. Enjoy! Or not! 🙂

7 Day Creativity Jumpstart Day 2 Video

7 day creativity jumpstart workbookJust a reminder that The 7 Day Creativity Jumpstart is available on Amazon, free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers and free from February 3rd until the 7th, 2016 for everyone.

Today we are looking at even bigger block to creating than money – and those are those gremlins who tell you how much you suck and make fun of you for even bothering. I also tell you to watch BrenĂ© Brown’s “Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count”. I have included it after mine, but if you are limited on time watch Brene’s over mine!

7 Day Creativity Jumpstart Day 1 Video

7 day creativity jumpstart workbookJust a reminder that The 7 Day Creativity Jumpstart is available on Amazon, free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers and free from February 3rd until the 7th, 2016 for everyone.

Day 1 of the jumpstart looks at some of the common blocks or external reasons why we are unable to find time to create. The number one reason often coming down to money. When I look at the excuses I give myself it often comes down to I dont have the time or I dont have the money for a babysitter. Both of these are not true. I have the time, I just often choose something else over writing (even if that something else is sleep). And in terms of money I often choose to spend my money on other things, leaving nothing for a babysitter. Or leaving me with the need to work longer hours. Golden cages and choices are among the topics of today’s video and workbook journalling.

Intro Video To 7 Day Creativity Jumpstart

7 day creativity jumpstart workbookIn an effort to discover if I want to podcast/make vidoes as a way to both introduce my work to others and to discover if this was something I even want to do (the only thing more terrifying than having your written work out there for the world to attack is having your face and voice out there in the mix. Especially before you have conquered editing, which, once you see this video, you will realize I have not) I decided to make a free mini course to accompany my 7 Day Creativity Jumpstart workbook. The book is on Amazon Select which means it is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers and will also be available as a free promotion on Amazon from February 3rd until the 7th, 2016.

Enjoy the video, and I hope it inspires you to create and maybe even share that creation!

Happy New Year

Sailing with a dog

Happy New Year! And this is not a list of my resolutions. I always fail horribly at them and instead of motivating me they just make me angry. I start out all enthusiastic and ready to change my life and it rather rapidly turns into a “you are not the boss of me” backward spiral. Which is even more sad when you consider that yes, I am in fact the boss of me. Issues! We all go ’em.

So instead I will join the hordes that have jumped on the focus bandwagon. Which is just another word for loose resolutions. But that loophole helps shut down the part of me that hates to be told what to do by anyone (even when the person doing the telling is myself) and instead serve as a compass rather than tying me to a horse and sending it rocketing down a path (the entire while pretending that is in fact how I really want to arrive where I want to go).

And so this year I am focusing on Produce, Promote and Improve. I want to write more, I want to try to force myself out of my comfort zone and attempt to promote that work so I can sell more of it and turn my writing into a full time business, and I want to improve both my writing and my marketing. So there you have it.

And keeping with that I am releasing the videos I filmed last Feb, starting with the introduction to the book/course next week. And I will also finish filming the course and in the end will have a total of 8 videos posted here over the upcoming 2 months. I want to vomit just thinking about it. But what else is a girl to do? After all, everyone keeps telling me that if you’re not embarrassed by your first product you have waited too long. And at the present moment I feel like I could hold onto it forever!

So check back next Wednesday for the intro to the course and my very first video!

Mango loves me even if I show what a dork I am on the internet. And he follows me into the unknown. Even if the unknown is making an ass of myself on the net. Gotta love dogs.

Sherrie sailing with her dog Mango


Dialing It In This Week With Awesome Link Love


I am writing this during a quick break from writing. I sent both of my children off with their father this afternoon. (He did get a little wild eyed when I told him he was taking both of them with him to the boat shop but had the good sense not to protest). As soon as they were gone I danced over to the cupboard, broke out the piece of pecan pie/cake/most delicious thing I ever ate that I was hiding and sat down with my laptop to continue working on my Turkey motorcycle adventure book. (Yes, the very same one I have been threatening to either start or finish for about 4 years now). I have to admit, I feel more human after an hour alone with my laptop and writing than I have the entire week combined. And since I want to write and I have the time to write, I want to use it to write my book rather than blog posts. But I feel I must share these two articles that nailed not only the feelings I have been having (the past week in particular, but in varying degree always!) for anyone who may have missed them otherwise. They are

I Give Myself Permission


The Unworthy Worthy Mother

Must reads for mothers, but really anyone who is a caregiver in any way. You are not alone and it is nice to know that!




Ripping Pages, Smashing Keyboards Or Attempting To Write Around a Baby


small baby eating paper

That is not blood oozing onto paper, it is his sister’s picture of my birthday cake. That’s not why he is eating it though. He just loves paper destruction.

I want to laugh out loud at the amateur mistake I made a couple of weeks ago stating that I would return to regular blogging in just a couple of days time. I, who already have a 2 year old, dared to declare that I had intentions of doing something on a regular basis. And then 2 weeks of flu ripped through our apartment as brother, sister and father passed it back and forth. Only I was left standing. (And here is to hoping it remains that way. That was not a taunt universe! I have learned my lesson from the last post!)

Me, 2 weeks ago, excited to sit down and write during what appeared to be a now regular nap time. Yes there is crap all over the place, but if I cleaned that up too I would never write at all.


Finding time to write as a mother is hard. Scratch that. Finding time to do anything as a mother is hard. At least when it involves doing it childfree. Doing something for yourself while you have a small baby in your care, particularly a clingy one, is near on impossible. Whatever I give Kai to distract him is not nearly as interesting as what I myself am working on.

Hence the title, because be it if I am writing in a notebook or tapping away at the keyboard, Kai goes all Smashing Keyboard, Ripping Paper on me.

There are days when I want to sit down and cry at the unfairness of it all. I can barely get time for the bathroom let alone to sit down and work on my writing projects. There are other days when I take it and roll with it. I have a zen like approach where I think that I need to accept that having a person under the age of 12 months in my care and without any family to help out means this year will be a year to plot and plan rather than execute. Then my daughter starts to cry because she pulled her sock off and now can’t get it back on and I want to sit down next to her and join her.

But this is not a whining post. At least that is not my purpose in writing it!

I wanted to share why it has been quiet as well as to be honest about the emotional extremes of being a mother (who writes). I get whiplash from the intense highs and despairing lows that I can experience from one second to the next. Baby sleeping: heart breaks from love. Baby wakes up 10 minutes later and won’t go back to sleep, eye starts to twitch.


Rather than whine, I wanted to share that the past year has driven home to me just how much I want to write. And how if you really want to do it you will. Maybe not during the hours you envisioned, maybe not in the fashion you hoped (say not showered, in puked on pjs and with a slightly desperate air as the tock ticks towards that first high pitched scream of a baby waking up to his mama missing as opposed to sipping a latte, smelling of perfume rather than sour milk and wearing *I cant help but smirk as I type this* a scarf and earrings without the fear of them being used to inflict – perhaps permanent- injury).

Although I am getting less writing done than I want, I am writing. A lot of it has been in the form of jot notes and outlines as opposed to word count. And yet, this year is the year that 3 separate fiction plotlines have progressed beyond idea and have me actually excited to flesh them out. I am not sure which one will be first, but it doesn’t matter. This year, which I have been thinking of as the lost year of creative output, may in fact be the year that taught me the importance of outlining, structure and planning in order to keep a fiction project alive.

It also pushed me to invest in my writing. Listening to podcasts while taking care of my son is how I spend most of my day. And so I decided to plunk down the 500 and bought Joanna Penn’s Creative Freedom Course. That is not an affiliate link. But if you are serious about moving your writing from hobby to job then I can not recommend it highly enough. And you can listen while walking a baby. And write in your workbook while they sleep.

That insane juggling act of trying to soak up every moment while realizing that you need time to be you too. Being a mother just means your heart is aching from love or loss at all times. No wonder we are all slightly to overtly crazy.


I guess the point of this post is to declare to myself and the world that instead of trying to fight the crazy I am going to try to accept working within it. That I can not control everything and I have to stop trying. And that acceptance is key of being a mother who writes. As well as having notebooks in every room with pens next to them so you can scratch out your ideas in the precious moments allotted. If you wait for the perfect time you will never write. I think that is a lesson I keep learning over and over again.