Newest Chasing Summer Article Is Out

Doctored Documents is the latest in the Chasing Summer series. Check it out!


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  1. Charles t. Conrad says:

    I wish I understood but I don’t. I ride a Harley. Big,heavy and fast. I go everywhere but on shit roads. Paved back roads great packed gravel roads fine. If I want more off road, I park the bike and walk. What am I missing? I ride my bike into a beautiful state or national park on a paved road. I smell the tree filled air. I walk to a waterfall. I see the flowers. I have seen moose, a brown bear, a peacock, buffalo, mt. sheep, cows, deer in front of me as I go down the road. So why do you folks buy dirt bikes to go over shit roads or where there are no roads? Other than sweat, dirt, mud, shale, sharp rocks, fallen trees? What am I missing?

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