Iceland: A Stormy Motorcylce Journey

It is finished! And can be found here: Iceland: A Stormy Motorcycle Journey. I am ecstatic that it is finally out, and I am rather proud of myself too! The temptation to keep tinkering until it was “perfect” was strong. So I figured better to let a less than perfect book go out than never finish a book. Because nothing will ever be perfect! Someone will always find a problem with it. And in the end, I’m proud of it and that is all that I can do!

The final cover!

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One Response to Iceland: A Stormy Motorcylce Journey

  1. Mike Peterson says:

    Thank You Sherrie,
    For Iceland, grand read!$!
    Have some questions and maybe a little chat with you. I don’t do these public forums and such. Please contact at given email.
    Thanks again,
    Mike “Mic” Peterson – Ririe, Idaho

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