I have been internet less for almost a week now. Part of that was because the hotels we stayed in did not offer internet. The other half came from the fact that our map said there was a road when there was not, and we took a locals advice and became somewhat lost in the Cambodian jungle. But more on that to come over on Unleash (as soon as the pictures finally load up on Flickr that is).

But imagine my delight when I finally log in and check how the Iceland book is doing, and find out that it is number 3 in Kindle books on Iceland.

No reviews yet. Holding my breath and hoping that when they do come in they are good!

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  1. Hi Sherrie. Just downloaded and read your book as we are planning a bike trip to Iceland in the Summer of 2012. I found it really useful with lots of practical information that will help us prep for the visit. Didn’t like the sound of the gale force winds though!

    I have a couple of questions. We are going to be riding two up on my F650GS twin (08). I have just about managed to coax my girlfiend onto the back of the bike and we have to buy some her some riding gear. I wondered whether you were wearing full on enduro boots or normal touring boots with knee protectors. I have been studying your legs closely! I have enduro boots myself but I know they can be a little uncomfortable when walking longer distances.

    I also wondered what tyres you ran on. I did a Turkey trip from England with TKC80 knobbly tyres, but to be honest I never really needed them and they made the bike unstable at higher speeds. The Tourances I have on now are much better on the road and particularly in the wet. Would these be ok for Iceland, or do I need to go down the knobbly route? On the plus side the tyres are tubeless so we if we do have a blow out, it shouldn’t be as dramatic or painful as yours.

    Any tips would be really appreciated. Happy New Year and happy travels in 2012!

    Have you thought of coming to the Horizons Unlimited event in the UK this year? You could do a talk on your adventures.

  2. I just found this! My blog was over run with spam and I kind of ignored it for awhile! Sorry.

    We both wore Daytona, I had Lady Star and I can not remember what kind of Daytona Patrick wore, but we went with a cross for comfort. Being able to walk while still trusting your boot is essential!

    I can not remember what tires now, I will dig into my notes and find them. I do know we wished we had tubeless after the blowout however!

    Really sorry this is so late.

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