These are all pretty well known resources and for good reason. They are simply fantastic in their detail and “how to” approach. You may already know them. But I am posting them here just in case you are just starting out and need a place to start, or are curious as to what I think are the best of the best resources out there for indie writers.


Dean Wesley Smiths Think Like A Publisher and Killing The Sacred Cows of Publishing.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s The Business Rusch series.

Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn Joanna has a great blog and podcast, of which I recommend both.


In addition to Joanna’s podcast I also recommend the following:

Rocking Self Publishing
and The Self Publishing Podcast.

I am not including any books as I assume if you are checking out these sites for the first time you are a newbie and they have more than enough free info to get you started (as well as to take time away from your writing). Having said that, if you insist on a book then head over to Smashwords and download Mark Croaker’s free e books The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success and Smashwords Book Marketing Guide.

Then do the most important thing (as in above all others) for self publishing success: WRITE!

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