A Writers Workbook To Start and Finish your projectsIt’s Finished! Unleash Your Writer: A Workbook To Help You Start & Finish Your Writing Projects is complete and on Smashwords and Amazon! I am quite proud of this one. I love workbooks but I never though that I myself could ever write one. However, since becoming a mama myself I find that a lot of the soul searching that I have done over the years (as well as some of the pressure and pointed excuse deflating questions from my most loved but very dedicated and achievement orientated German) have come into play into getting myself writing. When I first started writing publishing 2 years ago it was both thrilling as well as terrifying. This is the girl who wrote her first book in grade 5 and then promptly destroyed it because too many of her classmates were talking about it.

That pretty much set the tone for my writing for the next 20 odd years – scribbling in corners that was quickly hid if someone asked me what I was doing. In fact, slammed shut and hidden faster than most people would if you found their porn collection. I wasn’t happy not writing, but I was unable to lay claim to the title of writer. That word loomed large and impossible. Writers were gods to this reader. This is the girl whose most treasured possessions are her signed copies of Anil’s Ghost and Coraline. I almost passed out when Neil Gaiman posed with me for a photo and I am pretty sure a local writer was convinced I was slightly demented as I would shake if I walked into the bar and he was sitting there drinking a beer. I never spoke to him because I knew a restrainer order would be laid against me the next day. How could I possibly ever even DREAM of associating myself with these people? I couldn’t. So I didn’t. I never stopped writing. I just hid it like others do their coke habit. Or a penchant for Chris De Burgh. I knew these people existed. We just don’t confess to being one ourselves.

And then enter The German. He who taught me that you don’t have to work and travel. You could just save enough up before hand and just travel. For months or years at a time. And then he pointed out if I wanted to write I should, well, (let the earth crack open in revelation), but maybe I should actually write. And even more so now that there was this self-publishing revolution going on. No gatekeepers, just you, your work and your readers. And if they like it you make money from it. And if they don’t you don’t. But at least you’re out there trying. And if you succeed or fail you did it ol’ Frankie’s way. And doing it your own way is somehow more satisfying. And you don’t die when a bad review comes in. And it makes it easy to whisper to some people that sometimes you might write. And eventually you tell people that you are in fact actually writing at this very moment. And eventually the day comes when telling people you are a writer is easier if not easy. And one day you just are one. And maybe you are not a booker prize writer and no one goes into spasms because you are in their presence (other than your dog, but he or she would have done that regardless of if you write or not) but you’re happier. And you have such a sense of satisfaction. And it is true some people hate what you wrote but you get others who write you and tell you thank you, they loved it, or that you inspired them to go take their own journey. Which is more than you ever thought you would ever achieve. And it makes writing the next one easier.

And then you have a baby and you’re back to scratch. As I sat there wondering how I will ever write again, I remembered all the work I did to get to where I was. And lo and behold I started writing again. And there was one project that kept crowding out the fiction book I’m writing as well as the Turkey Unleashed book. It was Unleash Your Writer. And trust me, when you get any amount of writing time with a baby in a city without grandparents or other sources of free babysitting you use it. And when a project keeps insisting you write it you let it flow in. Especially when writing time is rare.

And so I did and it is finally out today! It is a workbook that aims at asking the questions needed to get you to step back, look at what you need to do to get writing and then actually get writing. Because just like motorcycling in Iceland, Mongolia or South East Asia, if I can do it, trust me, ANYONE can.



6 Comments on Unleash Your Writer: A Workbook To Help You Start & Finish Your Writing Projects

  1. BRILLIANT!!!!

    “I never stopped writing. I just hid it like others do their coke habit. Or a penchant for Chris De Burgh.”

    Love it, just love it! Good for you, paving the way for others. Congrats!

  2. Lorraine, I’m glad you liked that line. 🙂

    Lisa, I find it is always important to find the balance between making writing a priority and yet forgiving yourself on days you do not. It is only when the days you do not seriously start to outnumber the ones you do you need to step back, take stock again, and begin fresh with making it your priority once more!

    And thank you Tanja! I knew it was you from the Introvert Success. 🙂

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