freedom thieves

The answer is what I like to call freedom thieves.

Freedom thieves are the things/fears/voices that keep you from living the life of your dreams/doing what you really want to do. They focus our power on shining the bars of our cage.

It’s Stockholm Syndrome in our brain.

​We spend so much of our lives building a life to show how great everything is on the outside – yet we ignore how we feel on the inside. 

You Can Live the Life You Want.

Welcome to Cage Busting!

Cage Busting invites you to go on a quest to connect with your innermost desires. It helps those who yearn for more to find the freedom to start the journey to learn who they truly are and create a life on their own terms – be it in their own kitchen or the middle of Mongolia.

This is where the idea of freedom thieves comes in. Your freedom thieves keep you locked in a cage, staying small and hidden to avoid upsetting them and so your life remains the same.

​Let’s break you free from your cage!  You can enjoy a life of joy and freedom.

The Find Your Thieves course gives you the tools to your life from the inside out. It is not always easy, but it is an adventure.

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I’ll give you the tools you need to get off the hamster wheel and live life on your own terms.

You are beautiful. Let’s get you feeling beautiful again. Get the free course or grab the book.

About Me

Sherrie McCarthy and family

I am a writer, mama, bookaholic, and reluctant sailor who traded in motorcycle adventures for mommy adventures on the open seas.

I know what it is like behind the bars as well as the power of busting out again.

Here is the thing about freedom thieves: they are insidious. Before babies and sailboats, my preferred mode of travel was by motorcycle. I crashed three times in three different countries (Turkey, Iceland, and Mongolia respectively.) You can even read about it here if you are so inclined: Arguments With Gravity.

Yet, all my sense of adventure vanished once I became a mother.  My bravery evaporated. I could crash my motorcycle in the middle of nowhere Mongolia and get back on to ride into Russia. But when it came to my babies I will confess that I felt lost and incompetent.

I realized that the woman I was before children was still alive. I had just ditched her in a deep ravine and left her for dead. Somehow she managed to crawl out. Instead of walking past her, or even worse, kicking her back in, I called an ambulance. She was now on life support, but there was hope!

I have learned that life is a series of cycles, and each one involves a caterpillar component, a cocoon phase, and a butterfly phase. The problem is no one likes to talk about the cocoon phase. You know that part where you are a bubbling, dissolved mess. We gloss that over. We talk about how we went from caterpillars to butterflies, and if the cocoon is mentioned at all it is the fact that it is a safe space to change.

That is where I come in. I want to help you out of the cage and into a life of joy.

Let’s bridge you a life of joy and passion!

A 3 Month Course overcome the conflict between who you know you are inside versus who you are forced to be for the world. Together we create a map to bust out of your cage and blast past those freedom thieves. Stop internalizing other people’s vision of who you are and who you should be and start thriving. Option for self – study or with personal Voxer support. Click for more information!
Go On a personalized Self-Discovery & Healing Journey. Using cage busting and tarot cards, we map out your path to:
Know and accept yourself and your desires
Heal trauma
Find Your Path
Transform your wounds into wisdom
Stop feeling stuck, small or scared
Option for self – study or with personal Voxer support. Click for more information!