Stop building a life designed for others to tell you how lucky you are and instead build one where you feel actual joy. 

Learn how to use yoga, journaling, and bibliotherapy to heal your life and catapult yourself into the one you know you deserve.

These workbooks and journals are perfect for you if you find it hard to live the life you really want, if you feel stuck living life for other people, or if you no longer see any sparkle in your day. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn how to identify what really makes you happy, stop living a life designed for others and instead bust out of your cage and into a life you love.

Working with the cage busters academy series helps you to:

★ Understand the hero’s journey and use it with the tools of yoga, journaling and bibliotherapy to help you go deeper into who you are and what you want from life.

★ Align with an authentic sense of self as defined by you rather than everyone around you.

★ Transform from being in a constant state of over and underwhelm into a life that is vibrant and creative.

★ Increase your general happiness and deepen the relationships around you.

★ Start your journey to the epic life you know you were meant to live, be it riding through the steppes of Mongolia or unleashing your inner Julia Child in your own kitchen.

Let’s make the journey fun again!

Bust Out Of Your Cage: Conquering Life’s Constraints to Live YOUR lIfe On YOUR Terms

Do you feel like there is something much grander that you could be doing with your life? Do you feel like life is passing by too quickly without you getting to do the things you really want to do? Does life have you feeling stuck from breaking free and becoming the person you know, deep down, that you’d like to be? 

Then you need to break out of your cage!

Most people live lives they tolerate rather than those they dream of. Together with the help of cageology we create a roadmap for you to bust out of your cage and into a life you love. Let go of the past, free yourself from your mental cage and go from a life lived for others to one you crave.

Your life on YOUR terms.

Freedom should be defined by you! In today’s insta world of lifestyle gurus, we often associate freedom with location independence and travel, but true freedom is being able to follow your heart’s desire: be that around the world or around the block. True confidence and happiness is not walking into a room confident that you are the best person in there but rather not needing to compare yourself to begin with. It is building your life from the inside out instead of from the outside in. It is knowing that you love yourself and your life enough that petty jealousies and shiny objects can not topple it. And it is recognizing when you are locked into a golden cage shining your bars for others rather than busting out of that cage and embracing your life to the fullest.

Why do we spend so much time shining our cage for others rather than living our life for ourselves? It is because of freedom thieves. Or those voices and preconceived notions in our brains that are more concerned with the image we reflect for other people than the joy in our own hearts.

This book will help you do a golden cage inventory that will allow you to identify and liberate yourself from your freedom thieves, use gratitude to catapult yourself rather than cap yourself and live your creative and vibrant life.

Are you ready to find the key to your freedom? This book will show you how to bust out of your cage and into a life you love.

Stop internalizing other people’s vision of who you are and who you should be.

Seriously. Right now.

Cage Busters Academy journal series help you reclaim your life by giving you the structure and accountability to help you create a roadmap for your life –  with yourself as the guide.

What would feeling whole look and feel like?

What about worthy?

Or even just not so overwhelmed by the every day?

Together we

  • have deeper and more meaningful relationships (especially the one with yourself!)
  • fight perfectionism (hello joy!)
  • learn how to use the heroine’s journey structure to map out your life and hit your goal (messy middle conquered!)
  • know if you are about to go on an escape or a quest (and how to use an escape to come back stronger so you can have the power to quest!)
  • harness the power of bibliotherapy (yes an excuse to read even more books!)
  • Create a journaling habit for greater self-awareness (that means better boundaries and self-trust!)
  • Gain resiliency to go through the deep changes life throws at you (finally understand why some people say your deepest wound could be your greatest gift. Seriously, it’s true!)
  • Stop getting lost in your internal struggle (because you will have a map out)
  • Break down expectations for what they are, which ones are real and which ones are freedom thieves (and end the guilt that comes with it)

Let’s overcome the conflict between who you know you are inside versus who you are forced to be for the world. Create a map to bust out of your cage and blast past those freedom thieves keeping you locked in your cage.

So ask yourself: whose life are you living? If you feel like the answer is any other than a life that you feel is authentic and aligned to you then get this journal to begin a quest to dive deep, discover your freedom thieves and bust out of your cage and into a life you love.

Are You Ready To Thrive?

You want to, you know there is passion and vitality and zeal inside you, but somewhere along the way it got pushed down and locked up. Every time you think you can break free life comes crashing down around you and you find yourself wondering if survival mode is the best you can hope for.

We spend our lives building a life that projects to the outside world how great everything on the inside is.

We do so fully convinced that this devotion to building outwards rather than inwards will bring us happiness.

That is the golden cage.

We are so busy chasing things that create the image of happiness rather than that which actually brings it.

Then we are left wondering why our insides never match up with the outside.

It is because we spend all our time shining our cages rather than merely opening the door and stepping outside of them.

Busting out of your cage means you stop building a life designed for others to tell you how lucky you are and instead build one where you feel actual joy.

Cageology is about understanding how and why we create these cages, what they bring us and what they keep us from, and how we can bust free from them to live the life we desire and deserve.

And by reading this book you have taken your first step to be a Cage Buster and embracing a life you create and love.

Let this book help you highlight your freedom thieves so you will have learned to see when you are polishing your bars and when you are held inside. And that is the first step to a life of freedom, fulfillment, and purpose.

Grab the book and start Cage Busting today!

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