I know that things are pretty unsettling at the moment. One great thing about the tools of cage busting is that they were designed for facing uncertainty and change – be the kind you take upon yourself as you bust out of your cage or the kind thrust upon you by transitions you did (or did not) decide for yourself.

One thing that this has brought home to me is to be grateful for all things I took for granted, like going out to eat my favorite food or knowing my extended family and friends were just a couple of clicks to book a plane ticket away.

I am using this time to slow down, reflect and remember what I want to stay the same and what I want to change when things go back to normal.

All of this will be a memory one day, But first, we need to go through some rough times to get there. Transitions are never comfortable. I hope the book recommendations in the kit give you guidance in this time of uncertainty, the journal prompts help you tear down to rebuild and the affirmations help you ground in your Yoga practice.

So much love and hugs to you all! (even if they are of the virtual kind!)

cover of brave in times of transition kit
Facing Fears in Times of change

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