My Yoga Journey:

A Guided Journal For Your Home Yoga Practice: Fall in Love With Your Perfectly Imperfect Life 

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The Life-Changing Magic of Practicing Yoga.

Book 6 of the Creative Mermaids Live Your Creative & Vibrant Life Series is an intimate 30-day yoga journey that beckons you to start one of your own.

Part journal prompts for healing and part personal essay on how yoga helped Sherrie heal, My Yoga Journal is a place for you to dive deeper into your yoga practice while simultaneously reading along with Sherrie’s healing process.

In 2017 Sherrie found herself in a world she no longer recognized. The mother of two small children,  she was about to end her 13-year relationship with their father and suddenly had to refer to her youngest brother in the past tense. She was also months away from setting sail on her family’s sailboat for a world trip, and that was suddenly no more a certainty either.

Yoga, which previously had been something she had only dabbled in, became her bridge to her return to self. A place where she could move through what she described as her “vibrating pain.”

Through the moving meditations that Yoga gave her, Sherrie began to see how she had fallen completely out of alignment with everything she wanted from her life. And as she added journalling and essential oils to the practice she found a soul therapy that helped her peel away the expectations she had taken upon herself as a new mother and instead to find the woman she still was inside. One who was willing to meet motherhood as a woman rather than a martyr and to bring creativity back into her life even if happiness felt like a betrayal after the loss of her brother.

If you find yourself wanting to deepen your yoga practice or being called to use yoga as part of your healing from the grief process but are unsure where to begin, get your copy today.

My Yoga Journal: A Place To Set Intentions And Find Clarity

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My Yoga Journal – a place to set intentions and find clarity.
My Yoga Journal offers you a place to connect writing with your Yoga practice. You can use the journal to:
– be more present in your life: on and off the mat
– reflect on your goals and align your actions
– go deeper into your practice
– written meditation
– reconnect with yourself
This journal is a place to write out your intention, find center and get the most out of your practice.